Mature newbie

Hello everyone,

I am new to this space and hoping this is a community for me.  A year before shutdown I became serious about swimming and decided to learn the four competitive strokes in my mid 50s. I can perform all 4! I had an excellent instructor.  My favorite stroke is butterfly with breaststroke not far behind.  After searching, I found a Masters swim team for folks like me at my local YWCA.  I hope to qualify with that club after the new year.

Hope to meet you on this thread.  

  • Hello, 58K3Z!

    Welcome to the Community!  Don't you just hate these random numbers/letters assigned to each person on here?  I do, so I changed my profile to my actual name.  Wink

    Anyway, congratulations on your swimming accomplishments!  I, too, love to swim butterfly, and I compete in the 200 fly, because I enjoy the challenge.  Breaststroke is my best stroke, though.  I have some years on you; I'm 61.  I have been in USMS since 2010.

    Good luck with your new team, and keep on swimming!



  • Welcome, I'm almost 50, took it up in my early/mid 40's, and like you, I prefer Butterfly.  Unlike you, however, I can't stand Breast.  Keep at it, glad you found a good team.  I've swum with a couple, but am mostly a solo swimmer. Thank heavens for Gary Hall's videos!

  • Congratulations on taking the plunge. Breaststroke is far and away my favorite stroke, butterfly used to be a close second but my shoulders, and it have had a disagreement. I hope you have a great time with your new team

  • I told Bruce when I responded to this thread, "I'll bet King Frog and '67 pop up on this thread next." I was right!  Nice to see you two join me here!  Cheers!

  • Hello and welcome! I just joined after spending my choldhood swimming competitively. I didn't make world and quit. Just quit! I am in my mid 60s now and wantto get back to swimming. My muscles seem to have memory if that makes sense. But need a club... I thought there was one in Columbia, Maryland but can't find? Thank you all and look forward to meeting you all!! 

  • HI all, I started compteting again when I turned 70 - I love the comraderie at the meets I've been in (just 3, but one was Sr Games Nationals in Pittsburgh which was great!)  Love the way having a meet on the horizon helps with a deterination to push myself in the water and not jsut 'swim pretty' as I call it!  Enjoy and just keep swimming! PamHam

  • Welcome! We look forward to following your swimming journey in this community.