Is the Workout Library now gone?

I bounce back and forth between different workouts, depending on what I'm after, to supplement the couple of times per week I attend a coached practice.  Basic Training if I don't have much time, IM/Stroke as I'm trying to work on my Fly, or High Volume for when I need to get more yardage in (and frankly, after stepping on the scale this morning, I have a LOT of work to do here!).  Occasionally open water for some lower intensity, higher volume workouts.  Well, nothing is showing up.  I renewed my membership in November, and even though there is a "join" button, when I go to it, it says I'm current.  It appears that I now must subscribed to each workout, and have them e-mailed to me every Monday?  Is that going to be the new normal?  So I'll have a few hundred e-mails I'll have to keep track of every year?

Please tell me this is not how things are going to be going forward.  It was bad enough when they moved things over to the new site, and teh ability to ask questions to the author was removed.  Now I can't scan through some workouts to find one that suits my needs for that day, I have to have them all e-mailed to me?  Why bother having a board, or the landing page with all of the links that just send you to a blank page with a thing to the far right telling you you have to subscribe to an e-mail?  Sheesh, the whole reason I joined USMS a few years ago was so I could access those workouts.

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