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Why don't my Recent swims show up here? Is this a new thing? Past years my swims would show up here. As you can see my accounts are linked.

And yet most of my swims tracked from my AppleWatch using the swim.com app show up in my Fitness Log. 

There are two swims which do not show up in my Fitness Log but they are on the app. Both of these swims show they have been uploaded from my watch to the app. 

I have refreshed my Fitness Log page but these swims don't show up.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ann

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  • Kyle, I have emailed you twice, no reply. It has been two months.

  •  I can't find any emails to marketing@usmastersswimming.org but I was forwarded an email you sent to Bill Brenner yesterday. I'll respond to that one. 

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    From: Theo Karantsalis <karantsalis@bellsouth.net>
    To: marketing@usmastersswimming.org <marketing@usmastersswimming.org>
    Sent: Friday, September 15, 2023 at 01:42:26 PM EDT
    Subject: Fw: U.S. Masters Swimming Community: You were mentioned in RE: Swim.com - Fitness Log
    Hi Kyle, we are trying to get a club going here in Miami Springs and many prospective members have complained to me that they cannot find the Miami Springs Aquatic Center (MSAC) linked via Swim.com
    Instead, the attached shows up that no one is able to "join." I have emailed the folks at Swim.com since March about this as well as making their website more accessible for those of us with vision impairments. After months of no replies, I filed a US DOJ complaint last week against Swim.com's parent company.
    Perhaps USMS can partner instead with a company that is more responsive? Waiting six months with no reply should speak to my patience.
  • I'll respond to the email thread that Bill forwarded. Thanks for sending.