Hitting my elbow

Ok, I did it again. I slammed my elbow on the wall getting too close not paying attention. Anyone else do this? I’m talking freestyle. I’m sick of doing this. Someday I will chip my bone.

  • OK…I’m not making fun of you. I’m sure it’s painful. I hope you are/have recovered. But I can’t imagine doing this multiple times. About twenty years ago I hit my heels squarely on the side flip turning for the first time in a new pool. It hurt! That was the only time that happened. To this day I have difficulty honing-in my turn in an unfamiliar pool. But I just can’t quite visualize getting close enough to the side to actually hit my elbow (unless swimming backstroke). I guess my recommendations would be to NOT swim in the outside lanes (if possible). And, don’t stray too far from the black line.
  • Can you provide more detailed information?  Does this happen when you are swimming and hit your elbow on the side of the pool? Or does this happen during the turn (open or flip)?  does it happen during your pulling or recovery phase?  And, in this regard, at what point in the pulling or recovery phase (beginning, middle, or end) does it happen?  Finally, does this happen only with your right or left elbow and which side are you breathing to when it happens?  

    A video of your freestyle would be helpful (it does not need to show you hitting your elbow though.  :)