Inner ear issue

Has anyone experienced inner ear problems impacting the ability to do flip turns? I have dizziness and nausea if try flip turns. I know there are maneuvers to treat, but wondering if others have had this and been successful in successfully resolving. Thank you.

  • Yes.

    My understanding is that there are numerous things that can cause dizziness, from the merely irritating to lethal.

    I know it sounds trite, but maybe see if a physician can get to the bottom of it. None has ever arrived at a satisfactory explanation for me, (and I've seen a small army of specialists) but vestibular rehabilitation therapy has been of some value. (It ain't a quick fix though. it takes near Jobian patience.) 

    It may just be "motion sickness". If so, progressively desensitizing yourself to flip turns could help. As a youth, it took me several years to work up to doing flip turns throughout practice. As an adult, I've had episodes of vertigo. It often takes me months to work back into doing flip turns again afterwards. I had such an event shortly before the pandemic hit and chased us all out of the pool. If I ever return to swimming, I suspect it may take months to a year to get back to  doing flip turns again.

  • I never had an issue as a kid. So, when I returned to the pool 25 years later, I was shocked to find myself getting dizzy/ill while swimming. A few tips: 

    Pressure on the abdomen seems to exasperate the issue. Two things create pressure for me. Eating or drinking too much before / during swimming. And, unintentionally holding my breath. For example, when swimming freestyle I now consciously breath out between breaths. It's a breath in, turn back in and exhale 1-2-3, breath. When i forget I start to feel a little niggle of sickness.

    Swimming slower seems to make things worse. I suspect my stroke is off just a little and I might be swimming less straight than I imagine. Speeding up and flexing my core and buttucks (like standing up straight) helps.

    When I start to feel that niggle I stop doing flip turns. Just not worth it. I'll give myself 10 - 15 min break and then try going back to it.

    Coffee makes things worse.

    Before an ocean race I got a good tip: take the non-drowsy dramamine the day before as it needs to be in the system already. I took only half of one because I'm small. Then I took the other half the morning of. No seasickness!