Chlorine and cancer

Hello. After working as a swim coach for indoor pool YMCA. After the Pandemic., I developed Salvary Gland cancer. It has been in my system for a few years which is now in my bones. Tumors in my glands. Caused by chemical exposure over the years. Rare cancer. Is it possible that 18 years exposure to chlorine clouds indoors caused it? I stopped swimming in chlorine pools in 2016. I coached swim teams, both master and children. I am still a coach but been on medical leave.

  • Hi, really sorry to hear that. That's a hard question. I have a relative who has lung cancer, he was a trumpet player. He blamed blowing trumpet injured his lung. Definitely stopped swimming in a chlorine pools if you have suspicions.

    I found those on NIH's website: "Chemical exposure was defined as having ever worked at work or home with any of the following: asbestos, arsenic salts, chromium salts, cadmium salts, asphalt, mineral oils, benzidine, benzene, isopropyl oil, dyestuffs, vinyl chloride, pesticides, herbicides, mustard gas, welding, or wood dust." I didn't see Chlorine here though.