I cannot attend any meet held in Florida at this time.

I recognize that the decision around where Summer Nationals is to be held is made well in advance of the meet.  Obviously, the recent notification by the NAACP that travel to Florida is not safe for many minorities is a recent development and not one that USMS could have considered in planning the meet.  Nonetheless, and much to my disappointment given my performance in Irvine, I cannot reconcile spending in excess of $1,500 on meals, hotels and rental car in Sarasota (a county that went massively in favor of the governor).

I hope that we do not have another national meet in this state where the leadership is leading the nation spreading bigotry, book banning, and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.  Some may suggest that swimming is apolitical. I strongly support the freedom for others to hold whatever personal opinions they may choose. That does not mean that I can reconcile providing my personal financial support to them as if nothing offensive has happened.

I hope that USMS will consider holding future events at venues where all members feel comfortable attending and that represent the core values of diversity and inclusion that this venue does not.  

  • Good on you for speaking out!  Although I am neither a racial minority or LGBTQ+, I sympathize with those who have been targeted by such ignorant hate.  I agree with you.

  • I'm sure the views of the governor are not the views of USMS...  I'm also pretty sure the decision to hold the meet in Sarasota was done long before the governor began his quest to appeal to the MAGA crowd.  

  • I am gay and will be in Sarasota. I don't think the government of the state of Florida will learn anything from my refusal to go and I won't let what I can and cannot do be dictated by a grandstanding politician. A small amount of my spending in Florida will, unfortunately, go to the state government, but most of it is going to chain hotels, chain car rental companies, chain restaurants and I can identify in advance how those companies feel about things.

  • The original poster prefaced his post by saying he recognized the decision to hold the meet in Sarasota was done long before...

  • You are so wrong.  Don’t believe the left propaganda. Everyone is welcome in Florida !!! I am from NYC and live in St. Pete. The most diverse and loving city in the USA.  Please come and see for yourself!!

  • Nationals are in Sarasota, not St. Pete. Wink  I've been to St. Pete, and it's a great city with a great vibe.  It's just too bad it's in Florida!

  • Elaine, thanks for your support of my post. I went to high school in Florida.  I know the culture. My position is not derived from ignorance. 

  • The only part of your post I support is your comment about St. Pete-- a city very different than much of Florida.

  • The outrage is tiresome.  We had this debate about NC and bathrooms several years back.  It's not like there is a huge line of potential national host suitors.  The NAACP warning is a bogus political move.  The entire state of Florida is safer than NY, Chicago, LA for blacks, whites, gays, or whomever. (The NAACP leader lives in Florida and feels it's not safe but continues to live there?!).  Believe the left suppositions that white supremacists are the biggest threat to democracy nonsense if you wish, but the facts just don't back it up.  Boycotts are dumb because they hurt the little guy and not as much, it's intended target.  You certainly have the right to speak up and do what you want, but I would venture at least 50 percent of our membership would privately disagree. Certainly, there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to go to Sarasota (August, outdoors, humid) but whatever.