Getting Back in the Groove -- Resources for simple, low yardage workouts?

51 year old mother of 3, 33 years since I trained in competitive age-group swimming.  Looking for simple, low yardage workouts.  Does that exist on this page somewhere?  My first workout I could only do 550, all sets of 25s.  I'm up to 1400 yards now, according to my Apple Watch data is says I did that in 20 ish minutes, with 30 min rest.  Looking to gradually get back in the groove.  Help!  

  • When I started I think it was about 7 years ago, I just did 500 yard sets.  Gradually increased the number of them.  Eventually got to a point where I came here and got some great advice and encouragement to start using the authored workouts.  Unfortunately, the forum has really gone downhill since a format change a few years ago, and with that, much of the other stuff was lost.  But, that's what worked for me, just doing multiple reps of a longish distance at what was more or less a warm up pace.  MOst of the practices I've gone to, as well as the authored workouts I follow, seem to be around 3000 yards.  So I think I got up to 6 reps of 500 yards, and then I started doing the authored workouts.

    Basically, just keep at it, and find what works for you.  When you get too comfortable doing that, look for some authored ones.  This might be a good place for now to keep you from getting bored: