Pull sets with bands, NO buoys - HOW??????

Okay, I can do a 25.  I get it, you swim hard, head way down.  I'm bottom heavy, but whatever.  I've seen some sets where there are 4X100 like that.  What am I missing here?  I'm actually a pretty decent swimmer, most of these sets are distance, presumably triathlete friendly, and I'm generally a much better swimmer than even very good triathletes (better than the few locals who make Kona).  But I simply cannot do a 100 without a buoy, much less 4 of them.

Am I missing something?  What am I doing wrong, here?

  • Keeping your core tight, popping your hips up higher than usual, keeping a quick and consistent stroke rate, and throwing in cheat kicks is how most people do it. It takes a certain type of swimmer to really benefit from pulling with a band so always go back to your "why". If you are "bottom heavy" doing it without a buoy may not be for you, especially for 100's intervals. 

  • ???
    OP is a bit (a lot) confusing. You can’t swim 100m without the assistance of buoys but claim you’re a better swimmer than the Kona IM qualifiers you know??? That’s a 2.4 open water swim. If you can’t do that swim without the aids…which can’t be used in a race…then how are you a better swimmer than them? 


  • Perhaps you didn't read the title?  It isn't that I can't have a buoy, it is that my feet are tethered with a band, meaning my legs are dead weight, and I can't kick.  Which obviously is also not scenario one would see in a race.  FWIW, my last open water race, a 10K, I was 3rd male, ahead of at least two Kona qualifiers that I know of, and behind none that I know of.  Have trained regularly with two others who weren't in this one.  knoxvilleopen-waterswimmers.squarespace.com/new-page-1

  • Ok I get it now. Maybe a lava suit (neoprene jammer) might help keep your lower extremities more in line.


  • So interestingly, I've been focusing on my abdominals in trying to keep my body straight.  Turns out, at least according to one of the coaches I see on occasion, it is my lower back that I need to work on engaging to do this properly.  Hopefully I'll figure out soon, I'm down for a bit, now (COVID).  The neoprene jammer makes sense, since so many of the tri guys I see use them.