Older and faster...

For those that need a reminder that some things do get better with age, swimming can be one of them. Feel free to share what is better about swimming for you as you gain more experience.  https://swimswam.com/less-is-more-22-years-older-and-six-seconds-faster/ 

While his experience may not be the norm it inspires us to keep working and improving.

Appreciate the small improvements and the great support the swimming community offers. 

Have a great week everyone!

  • A rather encouraging article. At 60 years old, I can relate on many levels, having swam twice as many years as an adult, than as a high school and collegiate athlete.

    In my 20 plus years of masters swimming, while my body may be running on a tad less than 6 cylinders instead of 8... probably more like 4... the secret to being swift has everything to do with using the finest technique. In addition, streamlines and underwater kicking. Something which we never even knew of until David Berkoff went 20 seconds for the 50 back a few years after my retirement. Had we only known then, what we know now. Lol. 

    Anyway, as the saying goes, "the older we get the faster we were", but it's also so important to remember that we should keep swimming for the sheer love of it. There's a zen to swimming quietly, and with smooth form; and often times, this is where meaningful gains can be met and maintained for years to come. 

    Making benchmark improvements has everything to do with mindful swimming, and in literally going with the flow rather than relying on brute strength. ...Having said that, this young man could easily pass for a college swimmer. What a great article. Thank you for sharing!

    Cheers ~ QS