Open Water Category 1 swimsuit rule

Rule 303.4.2B Interpretation


The USMS Long Distance Committee (LDC) is issuing a clarification on Rule 303.4.2B (for Rule text, see below).

The rule as written states that zippers and clasps are not allowed. There are several brands of women’s swimsuits that include a tie on the back. It is the interpretation of the LDC that these swimsuits are legal for open water competitions, until a clarification or edit to this rule is recommended by the LDC and approved by the House of Delegates.

(Please note these swimsuits with a tie are not legal for pool competition according to Rule 102.12.2D: “Only swimsuits complying with FINA swimsuits specifications may be worn in any USMS sanctioned or recognized competition. Note: FINA specifications prohibit any zipper, ties, or any other fastener systems with the exception of a waist tie.”)