What Olympic Trials event(s) are you most looking forward to watching?

The men's 100 free and the women's 100 back going to be great races. A lot of talent at the top and that means some stars are going to be left out. 

  • Women's 100 free will be a tight race too. But... I'm looking forward to every single event. 

  • Love watching Ledecky swim, and although I was not a sprinter, the 50 fr is always one of my favorites.  

  • All the women's stuff.  Good lord do we have some seriously good women right now.  I mean a LOT of them.  Crazy I've got pictures of 67Princess on the podium with the Welsh sisters from TN state champs, and Claire Curzan from Sectionals, all 3 of whom will likely make the team, and probably medal.  Add in Torri Huske, Kate Douglass, Reagan Smith.  I mean, Pheobe Bacon is almost an afterthought at this point.  100 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Back, 200 IM are all going to be flat out insane.

  • Every event with Leon Marchand is going to be crazy.

  • How many World Records do you think he can take down?

  • it must have been fun to watch their careers as you have knew them at such a young age. 

  • The women's 400 free might be the race of the Olympics with three WR holders going head-to-head!

  • That depends on how many he's allowed to swim! I wish he was representing team USA. Unsure about relays, but I wouldn't be surprised if he re-broke his 4 IM WR, broke the 2 IM WR, could even break the 2 BR WR... The kid is unbelievable. 

  • Agreed! He will be on his home soil so I'm sure there is extra motivation for him as well. 

  • The Welsh sisters are older, so we didn't see them as much.  And their club team did more Premier meets, where ours followed the more typical LSC and Sectional meets.  67Princess was a year ahead in school, and there was a one year overlap with both.  She's about 6 months younger than Claire Curzan, who we first saw at Age Group Sectionals when they were 12.  Thats when she dropped i think a 54.0 in the 100 fly, and the rear of the A final heat was 59.5-1:00.8 or so (mine did 1:00.43 for 4thor 5th, forget which).  Girl has always been crazy fast.

    Funny story, I didn't like High School as much, and a friend/fellow swim dad preferred high school.  Our HS season is late, champs are 1-2 weeks before LSC Champs.   Argued with my friend I'd rather skip HS, swim LSC tired, and taper for Sectionals.  He said "but the Welsh sisters," to my "she'll get to race Claire Curzan!"