Pool age group record

Patting myself on the back today. I broke a 55+ age group pool record yesterday. I’m 63. The pool I swim at is the recreation pool on the local Navy base. As a military retiree I’m authorized to swim there…as are active duty military/family and spouses/civilian military employees. It’s a 25 meter pool and a very nice facility (I also lifeguard there occasionally). They don’t host any swim meets, but they do conduct other competitive events throughout the year (indoor triathlon, interdepartmental competitions, for example). And, they do maintain a pool record board with plaques for three age groups — male/female 17-34, 35-54, and 55 an older. It consists of all the usual metric distance/stroke pool events…with one exception…there is no 1500 meter swim, but there is a 1650 meter swim. I think back when ‘whoever’ established the board they were confused with the 1650 event in 25 YARD pools. Anyway…that’s what we have. The record board hadn’t been kept up much until a few years ago the new aquatics director finally got things going again. They set one week aside annually…”speed week”…when authorized patrons are invited to make attempts on pool records. In 2022 I set a couple of the shorter distance records, and planned to go back later in the week for an attempt on that 1650. But then the next day tested positive for COVID. Someone else set a new 1650 mark that week. In 2023 the pool was inoperable for months, and speed week didn’t take place. So, it took place this year, and I broke the 55+ 1650 meter freestyle record by 4:53 and swam it in 28:57. And, I  actually swam faster than the current record in the next younger age group. I know that isn’t super fast. (Just a decade ago I was still swimming that distance under 25:00) Quite literally it’s a little pond with limited access. But I think my time will stand for a while. — Dan

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