Leg cramps Goals

Hello everyone, 

New here and am training for a 2.4 mile swim in July. I've got two questions right off the start. I get leg cramps at the one mile to one and one half mile mark.what can I do to deal with them? Second I'm self trained and would like to know what training goals I should set to be ready July 18th.



  • , I have found that when I am first stating back up swimming, I get cramps much more frequently. I have solved this try stretching pre and post workout... and then just giving it some time. Once I got in better shape and my legs/feet were used to the new routine, the cramps started to fade away. Some good info in this article as well. 

    I have not trained by myself for an open water race (it has always been with a club) but the planning is roughly the same. This article lays out some good points. 

  • Most of us experience leg cramps during a long swim at one time or another. They’re usually caused by dehydration, and/or a lack of electrolytes. Dehydration can still happen while you’re swimming. It’s just that you don’t feel yourself sweating so you might not notice it. So, in a swim such as the 2.4 miler you’re training for, you need to hydrate (early and often), with electrolytes preferably. That can be problematic if the swim in unassisted — i.e. you’re not required to have an escort kayaker (for example), and the organizer doesn’t provide that degree of ‘on-the-water’ support. And, of course, having a container of fluid with you during the swim is…well, difficult at best. So, IMO, your best bet is to hydrate extensively just before the event, with enough to get you through the end. If there will be on-the-water support…take advantage of it with the same mantra used by long distance runners — “Drink early. Drink often.” If the on-water support is only offering water, you might be able to carry some electrolyte gummies with you (in a ziplock, stuffed in your suit). If you have a personal escort kayaker, work it (and all possible scenarios aside from hydration during the event) out with that person well in advance of the event. Good luck and have fun. — Dan

  • Lot of great tips here Charlie but I’ll add my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Have a banana before your swim, the potassium helps prevent cramping and works wonders in my experience. Best of luck training!