Dropping my lead arm on my breath In freestyle...Please HELP

I know there is an article in the current November/December SWIMMER Magazine about this topic. I am taking swimming lessons for about (6) months with a great coach! But I am struggling with this specific issue. Can you recommend any dry land exercises OR specific drills I can do to help me get this issue into my DNA? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have been swimming the wrong way for a long time and I am trying to break this specific BAD habit!


  • It’s kind of hard to visualize this. A video would be helpful. But you mentioned that you’re working with a coach/lessons. Can’t that person offer recommendations on how to correct it?


  • He has but it takes time to correct it. But i'm looking for anything that will help. As I mentioned there is an article in the current SWIMMER November/December magazine with pictures. Thanks for your response. I'm also 71 yrs old in pretty good shape but I have been swimming the wrong way & trying to break BAD habits is difficult!

  • Video would be helpful. Are you dropping your elbow as you are putting your head back down from your breath or is your whole arm too low when you take your breath so it is slowing you down?

  • I looked at the article, and understand a little better what you’re talking about. In that section, “Mistake 3: Dropping Your Lead Arm on Your Breath” it does sort of outline a drill to help overcome this problem. I don’t swim pool workouts with groups a lot, but when I have, there is usually a drill assigned as part of the workout that sounds very similar to what the article is describing, and is designed to overcome this problem. I can’t remember what the drill is officially called other than “Reach.” But it’s essentially swimming very slow, and methodically, almost ‘robot-like’ if you get my meaning. You’re really just stroking one are at a time, concentrating on each phase of the stroke. And after your catch (reaching your hand/arm forward) you sort of wait to begin your pull until you consciously finish with the other arm. Maybe I haven’t explained it well. But the key is to swim slow, and methodically, and concentrate on doing each phase of the entire stroke properly. I hope that helps. — Dan

  • Thanks Dan I will give it a shot and work at it!