If Ciye App is connected to Swim.com - what does it sync?

I just got the Ciye smart goggles from Finis. I already use a Garmin while swimming, but I find it annoying to try and look at it while actually swimming. I wanted to improve my splits and I thought the smart goggles might be helpful for that. Their website mentions they can sync with Strava, but the app is also able to sync with Swim.com. If it just sends my swms afterwards, I don't need to do that as I'm already doing it via Garmin and don't need my workouts double-counted. BUT if it allows uploading a workout - that would be awesome. Setting up swim workouts in Garmin is annoying since I can't send from USMS and/or Swim.com to Garmin. (the sync only goes the other way) 

If Ciye can receive workouts then I would switch to using my Garmin to measure my heart rate/calories and using the Ciye to guide my workout. Otherwise, I'll do the opposite and have the Garmin contain my workouts and use the Ciye for splits and their head-tracking info.