Getting back in the water after more than a month.

Looking forward to my first swim in more than a month tomorrow. My regular pool for most of the year had been closed for about 11 months due to mechanical problems with the HVAC system. The lengthy closure was due to repair part supply chain issues. Fortunately, the initial closure happened last winter while I was on an extended stay in FL where I was able to do both pool and open water swimming. When I got home, the open water had warmed up enough for swimming with a wetsuit. And, that’s where a majority of my swimming was over this past summer. Although there are some in my local swimming community still in the open water, for me, my last open water swim was on October 12th. (I did do a stationary swim on my static line in a hotel pool on October 13th.) Then, I was scheduled for total knee replacement surgery on October 23rd. And, as luck would have it, my regular pool was FINALLY repaired and re-opened the day of my surgery. Obviously because of my healing incision, I haven’t been able to get in the water. Recovery, and rehab from the surgery has been going well. With the permission of the surgeon, and the physical therapists, I have been riding the bike since about a week after the surgery. The incision is healed and almost unnoticeable at this point. So I’ve set Monday (tomorrow) as my return to the water date. — Dan

  • I'm really glad to see your email.  I am having a total knee replacement right after Thanksgiving.  I am staying positive about the rehab but its nice to hear yours went well. I was really happy when my doctor said I could get back in the pool within 3-4 weeks depending on how the incision heals. I'm sure getting back up to speed after a month will be a little tough but I bet you'll be back in no time.  Good luck. I'd love to hear how it goes. 

  • My incision healed really quickly. There were no external stitches or staples. There were internal stitches with dissolving thread, then the  external surface was closed with glue. When it completely heals, you almost won’t even see the scar.