what is your favorite brand or kind of swim googgles

my favorite brand or kind of swim googgles are now the tyr blackhawk googgles

  • For racing, I like the TYR Tracer X. They are low profile and fit nicely. What do you like about the blackhawks? I haven’t tried them yet. 

  • I use the AquaSpere Vista swim mask, with clear opaque silicone, and tinted lens. I have a pair for my pool swim bag, and an identical pair for my open water swim bag. I purchased them both at the same time several years ago. The mask fits over both eyes, instead of an individual goggle for each eye socket. I find it more comfortable (or less irritating) when I’m on swims of two hours or more. Throughout the year, both pairs get used about the same amount. Interestingly, a couple years ago they were side-by-side for some reason, and I noticed that the silicone of the pair that always gets used in the pool had become brown and dingy. The open water pair was still clean and not discolored. And the pool I swim in for about 95% of my pool swimming is among the cleanest pools I’ve ever encountered.  — Dan

  • the plastic keep the nose pice in googgle is made very well they don,t break as easliy as some other brand of gooogle do that what i like about the tyr blackhawks and good for pratice and raceing too 

  • For workouts I like the sporting anti-fog. They fit me well they last a long time and they’re inexpensive . For meets, I like the speedo vanquisher 2

  • Sporti not sporting dang autocorrect