Muscle pain from statins

Just wondering if any of you who may be taking a statin for cholesterol control are experiencing any side effects. I’m 62 years old. At my annual checkup in February, my primary care doc put me on one. I was reluctant, but he was adamant. My cholesterol has always hovered around 200…maybe +/- 10 points. The doc said one of the side effects can be muscle pain. So since I began taking them, I’m experiencing just a bit of discomfort in my upper arm/deltoid. I can still swim…but it’s a nuisance. (The deltoid discomfort seems to be the only side effect for me.)  Wondering how others (swimmers) are dealing with it.


  • Muscle pain is very common with statins. My wife has tried several statins and cannot tolerate any of them. She is now trying the niacin. See if your doctor will consider any of the other treatments for elevated cholesterol.

  • FWIW, over the past 7 years, my cholesterol is ranges from 175-190, so close to your numbers.  My PCP does not comment though because my LDL is in the mid-70s and HDL in the 85-95 range.

    Does your PCP insist on the statin because your LDL is high?

    My wife's PCP is urging her to consider statins because her LDL is around 110, but we have pushed back because, in our minds, the amount of reduction in stroke risk was not worth the side-effects.  

    I agree with Alan to look for alternatives.

  • Yeah. He did specifically say the LDL was high.

  • I’m same age, same boat but my PCP says we’ll monitor it.  My HDLs are in the high range too.  Any possibility of getting a second opinion?  A different PCP? Did your PCP recommend any small changes in diet before putting you on a statin?