68 year old Newbie not good enough of masters team

I am a 68 year old newbie swimmer . Yes I wrote 68 years old that was not a typo.

For the moment I swim about 1,000 meters a workout freestyle but predominantly with stubby fins . I feel I am not qualified to swim with a masters group and might even detract from the workout .

My goal is to swim as a competitor at the age of 70 and not to really suck but I am enjoying the process .

I have no coach and seek some advice on how best to improve and get some guidance . I am now moving to the Hudson Valley in New York but would consider traveling for a "swim camp" anywhere that might help me .

I thank all of you for being kind !

  • I started late, too.  Not as late as you, but I had this vision that I would go to a Masters practice and be completely embarrassed.  After a few years, i finally tried one, and discovered that no one cares how fast or slow you are.  Most peopel there are tri-athletes, which means they tend to be slower than most regular swimmers.  They are super relaxed, and in my case, swimmers have their own lane 90% of the time, and when they don't, folks with similar speeds and rest requirements usually pair up.  When you go, tell the coach you want feedback (a lot of folks do not, surprisingly).  I had a coach once ask me permission to give me feedback and I was like "that's why I'm here!  I can just swim by myself any time, but I can't get feedback at the gym!"

    Seriously, just go.  After you do, you'll wonder what was holding you back.  Best of luck!

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