Hackett sets from old board?

Anyone by any chance get the various Hackett sets that  used to post?  I have the main all freestyle one.  I have one with 25 easy frees and 50 fast strokes.  I believe there were also 25 free/25 stroke, and possibly even a 50 free/25 stroke?  Really trying to work my 100 fly, and hoping to get some sets in where I am a little tired, but not too much to hold the stroke.  I think the set with 25's of stroke may help.  Unfortunately, the weeks where he had Hackett variations in the set are some of the ones that did not migrate over (weeks 12 and 31 from 2017).  I was copying as much as I could before the transition, but didn't get all of them.

  • You can view all the old workouts in the Archived Online Coached Workouts section of Community (the last section on the Community home page)
    Here are the workouts you are looking for: https://community.usms.org/archived-online-coached-workouts/archived-workouts/f/basic-training---by-celia-wolff#pifragment-2450=3 

  • Here is a basic set that I've seen attributed to Hackett, and a few other elite swimmers. I would typically do it backstroke, although I am sure the original set was intended to be freestyle. (I would also do it SCY and I'm confident the original was intended to be LCM. Hey, I'm not Grant Hackett!)  It's done straight through on the intervals with no additional rest.

    16x50/1:00 every 4th one @ 200 pace

    12/50/1:00 every 3rd one @ 200 pace

    8x50/1:00 every other one @ 200 pace

    1x50/2:00 active recovery

    4x50/1:00 all @ 200 pace

    I take "200 pace"  to imply your goal 200 pace for a target meet, so yea, fast.

    I've seen various modifications of the intervals. Sometimes the intervals in each group escalate: :50 for the first 16, :55 for the next 12, 1:00 for the group of 8 and 1:05 or 1:10 for the group of 4. In other cases I've see it written with decreasing intervals, 1:05, 1:00, :55 and the last 4 on:50. Obviously that would make hitting the target pace tougher for the last group. Anyway, one can adjust the intervals to suit your speed and stroke selection, but those last 4 ought to produce a "feel" similar to an actual 200 in a meet.

    I've sometimes modified the set. For example, swimming the 50s @ 200 pace breaststroke and all of the others freestyle. I've also tried swimming the four 200-paced 50s in each group IM order and all the rest freestyle. Those modifications are probably not consistent with the original intent of the set.

    Overall, it is a fantastic set.

  • Sorry my post above was unclear.  Several of the workouts did not get moved over.  Specifically, the ones I am looking for, were posted in his weeks 12 and 31.  Those are among several of his workouts that did not get moved over.  Here are weeks that did not get moved over:













    So, what is that, about 40% of them did not get moved over?  Or if they did, no link was set up so that they can be found.  Unfortunately, some of the workouts I'm trying to find were the ones that did not get moved over.  Specifically, the ones from weeks 12 and 31.

  • I do it like this:

    16X50 on :45's, Every 4th Pace B

    12X50 on :50, Every 3rd Pace B

    8X50 on :55, Every other Pace B

    4X50, all on Pace B

    I've seen it written that baseline is 1650 pace, and pace B is 500.  I try to swim it faster.  As I've not done any meets, I don't really know what my times are, but I have a goal of a 6:00 500 (:36's).  I've done a mile holding :39.5's.  I generally hold :37's as my primary pace, creeping up to :38 towards the end, and :34-35 as my Pace B.  As much as I'd like to be able to do a 2:15 200, I don't think it is going to happen.

    The variations that have been posted of that workout.  As my preferred stroke is Fly, I have to give myself some extra rest.  I've seen it where the "Pace A's" were all 25 free on :30, regardless of round, and the "Pace B" is 50 of stroke on :50, :55, 1:00, and 1:05.  I can generally do that and hold :32-33 for the fly leg (:34 at the end), it is for working the 200 of stroke, but I don't think I could swing a 200 Fly - and darn sure not at that pace!!!!!  My cardio is fine, but I am just not strong enough to last that long.  I'm trying to work my 100 Fly some.  I think that there is a variation for 25's of stroke that would be good for that.  I've been struggling with a 6X25 on :36 (goal pace + 20) four times through with an extra minute.  Can get through a couple of rounds, but them am gassed.  Also do a round of breakout, easy free to wall, full 25 (both on :40), 37.5 and easy free to wall, full 50, 50 easy free (those all on 1:20), then a 200 DPS pull set with paddles.  I'll do that 4 times through.

    What I'm after is hoping to replicate the set where I do 25's, but with some other stuff in between to keep my heart rate up there, but where I'm not too gassed to be able to hold the stroke properly.  That and 600 yards of fly at 100 pace is a lot for me.  Sadly, I was able to do that more easily before COVID, where I had only been swimming a few years.  Now I've been swimming longer, have better fundamentals, but just can't do the fly as well as I used to.  I guess late 40's versus mid 40's is a big swing

  • Hey, 67King!  I do variations of the Hackett set all the time, depending upon my goals and upcoming events.  You've got the basics down.

    • 16 efforts with every fourth one fast on X interval
    • 12 efforts with every third one fast on X+:05
    • 8 efforts with every second one fast on X+:10
    • 4 efforts, all fast on X+:15

    "Fast" in my mind is the desired pace for the event I am focusing on.  If I were focusing on my 200, 500, 1000, miles, etc., then I'd want my 50 splits to be at EXACTLY that speed.

    The standard freestyle set would be 50s, for a total of 2,000 yards, but there is an unlimited number of variations.  Here are some of my "go-to's:"

    • 1. 200IM:  The "fast" would be stroke, in IM order, and the others would be easy free
    • 2. 100IM:  Same as above but 25s instead of 50s (1,000 total yards) and my starting interval would be :30
    • 3. Stroke 200:  Fast would be the stroke and EZs would be free
    • 4. Stroke 100:  Fast 25s would be the stroke and EZs are free
    • 5. Stroke 50:  To get more rest between efforts, I would swim FAST 25s as the stroke and EZ 50s in between to allow for recovery.  I'd do ALL the 25s on :30 and the recovery 50s as X and X+ by round.

    For the best affect, I don't take any rest between each round, but "masters prerogative" always prevails.  The pace clock can get a bit confusing, too!

    I did the 200IM version last Friday where I wanted to hold my splits to :32 (fly), :37 (back), :38 (breast), and :32 (free) for a net 200IM time of 2:19.  For this version, I started with a :45 interval and ended with 4x50s on 1:00, in IM order.  My breaststroke needs work.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks, Mark!  
    1.  Got it, do that one on occasion, same intervals as my free (:45 base)

    2.  Starting interval at :30, how much do you increase per round?

    3. Got it......but I'm not ready for a 200 fly :)

    4.  Assume just like 2, but stroke, rather than IMO....so the same question.

    5.  I have seen and done before.  That's I think 1400 yards.  That's one of the ones I recall, but couldn't recall the send offs.  That's one I should add.  I have the "opposite" of that where the easy free's are 25's, but the fast stroke is a 50.

    I'm trying to get an NQT in the 100 Fly.  I think I can hit it, but I"m not sure.  And unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm going to make the meet in Auburn in a few weeks that I had hoped to.  Can't be there the day they do the 100, so I'd have to swim the 200, and just do the 100 fast, and hope I manage the last 100 legally.

  • > I guess late 40's versus mid 40's is a big swing

    I actually got faster during that stretch, although up to then I had been swimming just for fitness for many years and only at about 44 started to train for competition for the first time in decades. Also, I had a health disruption in my early 40s so I was coming off a fitness low. Nevertheless, USMS times show that folks in their 40s decrease in competition performance very little. Stay healthy, train seriously and you'll be good to go I would expect.

  •  thanks for the clarification. We will take a look.

  • There are so many confounding factors it is hard to tell.  When COVID hit, I was 3 years into swimming, and I started doing open water.  Decided I wanted to do the 10K race, so in 2021, I started training like mad for it.  Was very happy with my swim.  Still kind of stuck with more distance training.  Played around with different types of sets (most of my swimming is solo).  But a few months ago, started really trying to buckle down and get back into proper pool shape.  One big difference is that I've continued to play around with my sets.  I have no problems knocking out a few 50 Fly's at a good clip, but I just can't do the multiple rounds of fast 25's like I used to be able to.  Probably need to get back to mixing in the 400 yards of underwaters Mark had written into nearly every set.  I got away from that as I worked on distance, and most of the workouts that are listed out there don't have a good solid anaerobic set mixed in like his does.