broke shoulder while rehabbing shoulder surgery

Out walking, 17 weeks from rotator repair surgery, fell and landed on surgical shoulder, Broke it at the top, did not ruin my suregery, thanks God! What a great surgeon! The pain is intense, I am basically immobile for now, in the sling again, blah blah blah. Anyone else ever have a setback like this? I'm told I can still meet my Aprll 2024 goal of swimming free and back again. Breaststroke a few months before that, Trying not to be too depressed but it sucks. I was back in the pool...using a noodle, kicking and water-walking, it just felt good to be in there. So I'm out again for a few ore weeks and PT will be another long climb. 

  • Oye!!! that makes me cringe. I had RC surgery. That in and of itself is no walk in the park to recover from. You have my sympathy. During my recovery from the RC surgery, I asked my surgeon if I could jog on the treadmill while holding on to the rail with my non-surgical side hand (to prevent falling). He wouldn’t even allow that. Not for fear of falling, but because the slight bouncing up-and-down of my surgical shoulder would cause unnoticeable little micro-tears. It wouldn’t hurt in the ‘here and now’…but it would create scar tissue that would cause problems in the longer future. So, the only exercise I was permitted to do was ride the recumbent stationary bike. Anyway, I think your April ‘24 timeline is doable. Good luck with your recovery, and be careful out there.