Broken Femur recovery

   Anybody recover from a fractured femur and have information on recovery tips? I fractured my left femur in a boating accident fall at the boat ramp. Which involved water, algae and not being focused. 10-23-22 , day later a titanium rod inside inserted into femur, then screwed in both ends to femur, some repair ring around femur at break. I had 3 areas of staples removed good healing. Swimming only 1 time a week, since jan 5th.  Only 5 miles so far on flog. Noted improvement after  4 weeks of 1 foot flip push off,  I can do 2 foot light push off the wall flip turns now. I swim and don't kick much, use pull bouy and paddles to train faster.12 weeks out. I walk slow, have a cane but use it after parking and walking into pools or stores.  Hurts a lot, not sure if that ever goes away?

Thanks for any comments, I wonder how close I would ever come to pre injury times again?