I have been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at the L4 and L5.   The doctor immediately recommends surgery.

I am doing PT to strengthen my core and got an epidural injection yesterday.  Sadly, swimming seems to exacerbate the pain.  It doesn't hurt during my swim but I am in pain the next day. 

I also have had to drop flip turns.  Twisting and arching the back are not good!   The doctor who gave me the injection thinks that I can start swimming again once the steroid takes effect (if it does).  I am concerned about causing more damage to the vertebrae.  I am going through major withdrawals without my swimming. 

I wondered if anyone out there has experienced this condition and how they are doing?  

My gills are drying out!  Diana

  • Hi!,

    I just had back surgery because i have the same with  L3-4 and L4-5 severe stenosis that took me out of the pool after my last swim on August 18th 2023. I was devestated. swimming is my life. My back became extremely unstable after having many PRP injections,since 2016. It stopped working. I had steroid injections which I do not like and went to PT. I eventually had to get a Laminectomy and spinal fusion with bone graphing at the L3--5 L4-5, S1. I am recovering now which is a dradual process and getting staplles out this Thusday. I will be back in the pool in 3 weeks.

    I'm hoping by the time I am reaching out to you your pain has resolved or you found an option that worked for you. I never thought I would need back surgery and really did not want it. But swimming and walking and everyday life became so painful, I had no choice. 

    If i hear from you that would be great, but this is over a year ago.