Tennis Elbow & Shoulder Pain

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Anyone ever found that a bout of tennis elbow makes there shoulder more susceptible to swimming related pain? My shoulder out of nowhere is hurting while I swim like it never has before (usually its just next day soreness...never while actually swimming). Everything else being equal, the only thing new is a nice case of tennis elbow. Now I'm wondering if that's irritating my shoulder somehow.
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    when ever you have issues with ligamnets is usually a move related with out the use of the muscle, hence once it sets its extremly hard to heal (no blood flow). best advice is to find the proper the proper movemennt through tecnique, just like anthing else. I am sorry but i dont know anything about tennis. However, i do know about swimming. Swimmers shoulder due to weak muscles in the back. you bicep, lat, pec (among others) have the same point attachment. Best course of action is start strectching the front so that back muscles start to contract. the body will not allow to to be tight in two places ( think about bicep, tricep motion). once the front is lose then you can start to strengthen your back. 

    my name is Joey, i swam for team usa and now i work with master athletes in regards to physical fitness and nutrition, if you are interested in leraning more, send me a message. Hope all is well. 

    1. I don’t know your age, but last June in the GTD I was second in the 70-74 age group. I was swimming 10000 yards + on Sundays. That takes a major toll on your shoulder. Short story: I had a shoulder replacement the end of September. Be careful 
  • Get a good evaluation from a PT.  Not sure where you are located.  Happy to help.

  • Arlette, I saw your post and am hoping you might be able to help me find a physical therapist in the Marin area who can help me with shoulder issues. I'm 70, have been a recreational swimmer all my life but a few years back started swimming laps. I typically swim a mile, 3 or 4 times a week. Recently had an orthopedic doctor prescribe PT for me and have been asking fellow swimmers, including our swim coach at Marin Aquatic Masters, but so far no luck. Incidentally, I graduated from UCSB in 1975; fond memories of a beautiful place!