Back to the pool after the flu- when and how much??

Am starting to recover from a bad case of Influenza A that not only kept me out of the pool for over a week, but unable to participate in our state SCY event next weekend. 

What is everyone else's experience swimming after having the flu?

  • Sorry, I should check this thread more often. I expect your completely cured by now. When I am coming back from an illness like this. I get back in the water  when I have no systemic symptoms. Then I go a lot by heart rate and determining what I'm capable of. I take my heart rate frequently in regular workouts so I know if I'm doing something where I expect it to be 110 to 120 and it's 130 to 140 I know I'm not ready to do that right then and need to do something easy. I keep checking until I'm back to where I want to be. I hope that helps. It seems to always take longer than i would like. 

  • It took me a month to bounce back completely from COVID. I hope you are back at it!