Our Team Swims in a VERY Hot Pool

Our USMS team, Tualatin Hills Barracudas, practices in a beautiful 50-meter facility.  However, the parks district that runs the pool insists on keeping the water temperature around 83-84 degrees, sometimes slipping into 85 degrees.  We know that it is an unsafe temperature for intense aerobic swimming. (Not to mention it hurts our membership because so many people cannot swim in the hot pool... and we are the only USMS team in the greater Beaverton/Hillsboro area outside of Portland, Oregon.) 

My question is can USMS help us in any way?  Is there a safety committee that can write a letter?  Any factual links/stories on master swimmers overheating and having health issues?  Any way we can get help from USA Swimming... there is also a USA club swim team that practices at the pool. 

Thank you for any assistance and info! 

-Aubrie (swimmer and coach for THB)