Edibles (CBD/THC)

I'm curious if anyone uses an edibles?  If so, what do you use/recommend and when do you usually take them?  Also, how much do you use?

  • I am just starting to use different gummies and sublingual tincture. Sleeping is better and I swear helps with pain in lower back, injured hand and wrists and shoulder injuries. Usually just one dose per use.

  • I’ve been using CBD oil 1x daily (taken orally) for a couple of years. I started it for pain relief in my knee. (I’m now scheduled for surgery for an artificial knee later this year.) I saw immediate results. At 62 years old, I suppose it’s giving general relief from various aches and pains. Word of advice…check with your PCP and/or pharmacist to make sure it won’t interfere with other prescription or OTC meds you may be taking.