Regional vs Local Club Categories - 2024

National Championship meets scoring: Regional versus Local Club Categories

Beginning in 2009, club scoring awards at Nationals have been divided into two separate categories: Regional and Local.

A formal description of the two club categories is below (104.5.6 B from page 38 of the 2024 USMS Rule Book):

(1) Regional clubs—For competition at national championship meets, a regional club consists of a club made up of those swimmers who represent a club at nationals, but at competitions within their LMSC, they compete for an entity or subgroup (such as a workout group) that is different than the one they compete with at nationals.

(2) Local clubs—For competition at national championship meets, a local club consists of a club that does not qualify as a regional club.

Based on the above definitions, the following scoring categories will be in place for 2024 Spring and Summer Nationals:

Regional Clubs:

  1. AKMS - Alaska Master Swimming
  2. ARIZ - Arizona Masters Swim Club Inc
  3. BSMT - Big Sky Montana Masters
  4. CMS - Colorado Masters Swimming
  5. CONN - Connecticut Masters
  6. FACT - Florida Aquatic Combined Team
  7. GAJA - Georgia Masters
  8. IAMA - Iowa Masters
  9. IM - Illinois Masters
  10. MICH - Michigan Masters
  11. MINN - Minnesota Masters Swim Club
  12. NCMS - North Carolina Masters Swimming
  13. NEM - New England Masters Swim Club
  14. NMMS - New Mexico Masters Swimming
  15. OREG - Oregon Masters
  16. PSM - Puget Sound Masters
  17. SKY - Swim Kentucky Masters
  18. SMS - Southern Masters Swimmers
  19. VMST - Virginia Masters Swim Team
  20. WISC - Wisconsin Masters Aquatic Club

Local Clubs:

All other registered USMS clubs not noted in the Regional category.

According to the USMS Rule Book, the Championship Committee shall publish this list no later than February 15 of each year. This year Rules granted the Championship Committee a two week delay in posting since the Spring meet is further out (time wise) than normal. Please note: clubs may contest their designation or the designation of another club by filing an appeal with the chair of the Championship Committee (Erin Sizelove, at least 45 days prior to the national championship meet (i.e., May 6 for Indianapolis; July 7 for Mission Viejo).

Jim Clemmons

USMS Championship Committee Vice Chair