2024 Spring Nationals Order of Events (distance)

I get doing 5 days instead of 4 as this will probably be a very big meet but does it bother anyone distance swimmer that the distance events are on Monday? Personally I think this this is a big middle finger to the distance swimmers. At least on the first day we have a much better chance finding counters. Also, I would much rather start my meet with a distance event than end it. Jsut my two cents. 

  • I have to agree with you...

  • I think I would prefer distance events at the end as having a 1650 and 1000 up front seems to wreck your other events.  I often do not use a counter so no big thing for me.  I think the middle finger was, is, and will always be 1000/1650 same day or having to choose one or the other 

  • I am not too much bothered by it (I am a guy who dabbles in the 1000/1650 at Nationals).  What bugs me more is that splitting out the men's and women's 500 (which I also agree with) has put the men's 500 on the same day as the 200 FR.  There are 4 days on which to schedule every event other than the 1000/1650.  How come the 200 FR couldn't be placed on one of the two days where the 500 was *not* being contested?  I just think putting the 200/500 on the same day is akin to putting the 50/100 or 100/200 (or 500/1650) on the same day.  Too much overlap in swimmers who contest both events for them to ever be put on the same day!

  • It was definitely a difficult decision but there should be on the order of 5 or 6 hours between the two (500/200) which we felt would provide adequate recovery time for the more experienced and competitive swimmers so use the time wisely. Running the meet in parallel to OTs presents a whole different set of challenges. The committee spent considerable effort to try and minimize conflicts. See you there!

  • Thanks for the explanation, Jim!

  • I would prefer distance at the beginning.    The long 5 day meet set up is more why I will probably not attend,  a few days with no events I would go in.  l may go to LCM nationals instead or the Canadian nationals end of May, (SCM) .  

  • It makes it very hard as Im doing the 500, and all my other events on Thurs & Friday.....Then the 1000 is Monday Morning....that stinks for me