Team Tents at Irvine & mixed relays

The facility map indicates team tents. Were these available to reserve/rent in advance like in San Antonio? I do not recall seeing any information regarding team tents. 

Which pool will the Mixed relays be contested in? I don't believe that information was made clear in the email explaining Course A & Course B.

Please advise. 

Thank you

  • Yes, team tents were available for rent (info on this page), but they sold out quickly. See below for more info on tents from email #3 that was sent last night to swimmers registered for 2023 Spring Nationals. 

    Mixed relays will be in both Course A/B with odd/even heats like the distance events. 

    Team Tents

    For teams that did not rent a tent, personal tents can be set up in Heritage Park as early as 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. Tents can be stored overnight on the warm-up pool deck at the conclusion of the days events. Items left in the park will be at their own risk.