The entry booklet has been published

REGISTRATION OPENS March 1st:  (be aware registration will close when maximum number of participants are met)

Maximum 6,000 swimmers in addition, maximum numbers per events have been calculated

YOU MAY CONVERT YOUR SCY and SCM time to LCM, entry times are Long course times (50 meter pool)

We will be doing random verification of times for this meet once registration closes.  

Accommodation Packages to be open in a couple of weeks (hopefully by Feb 15th)

VISAs are NOT required for USA Passport Holders

COVID test required 72 hours before departure unless you have proof of COVID 3 boosters

Please be aware that if you have a layover via China at this time you will require COVID testing no matter if you have COVID shots.


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  • really?? thats too bad. so we can't put relays together even if we are from the same country.

  • the process for switching clubs is pretty easy (just a 60 day wait period per 201.3.5 of rulebook).  So you have time to gather people to do relays, then decide which club to represent and then ensure that none of the members represent another club in competition for 60 days to complete the transfer.  You can still continue to compete in USMS meets during that 60 day period, but you would need to make sure that you are registered as "unattached" during that time.  Hope that helps.

  • That is good information!  My challenge is there is not an athlete roster so I can't see who has signed up so far.