Meet Results

About how long does it take after a USMS sanctioned meet to see the posted results at  I swam in a meet back in September and it seemed to take about a month.  I swam in another about a week ago and would like the results for entry times for another meet.  Thanks.


  • September results should be posted by now.  I would reach out to the Meet Director and the Top Ten Recorder in the LMSC the meet took place.

    What was the name of the meet and location?

  • The September results were posted about a month later.  I'm wondering about the meet in January--how long does it typically take before results are posted?

  • The target standard is for meet results to be uploaded into the USMS meet results database within 14 days, but that assumes that the event director gets the results to the LMSC Top Ten recorder in a timely manner and that the recorder is able to review and resolve issues, if any, and post the results in a timely manner, so it can take longer than 14 days.

    Many (most?) sanctioned Masters Swimming meets use Club Assistant, in which case you can check the online meet info/entry webpage for a link to the results in SwimPhone (which is part of Club Assistant). The SwimPhone results aren't necessarily official, but they're often available in real time or shortly after the meet session ends.

  • Thanks.  This is most helpful.