Split Requests?

Hello everyone!

I just recently became a member of USMS and joined a masters team in my area. I am planning on competing at the New England SCY champs but wasn't sure how to go about requesting a split. I know there's a form for it, but I had a few questions surrounding it. 

- Where do I submit the form once it's completed?

- Who signs the "approved by" box?

I'm planning on entering for the 100 breast and thought that I might as well get a split for the 50 breast, but the 50 breast race occurs the day before the 100. Would I still be allowed to submit a split request for the 50 breast even if I don't show up on that day? 

I was also unsure about whether I would have to officially enter myself for the 50 breast when initially registering even if I will not actually be swimming it on the day that it's scheduled. 

I know this is a bit of an overload of questions, but I couldn't seem to find out any more information since they're somewhat specific. 

  • There's not a single standard for how the paperwork is processed at every meet, but there are a couple of rules that apply:

    -for splits involving a relay and/or backstroke, the split needs to be requested BEFORE the swim, so that the officials can confirm the legality of the split (e.g. 50 back split in a 100 back, you need to finish on your back at the 50 to have a legal 50 back finish, you can't do a standard backstroke flip turn);

    -for all other splits, they can be requested AFTER the swim, and it's preferred to do it that way so you only request a split for a time that you want to keep. It helps minimize the paperwork for meet management and officials. It's required that you request it by the end of the meet.

    -Typically (depending on meet size, etc.) split forms are available at the check-in desk. If there's no check-in desk, they can be requested of an official who will either provide one or know where they're being provided and processed. If there's a dedicated admin official, that person will usually supply and process them - they'll give you one, you'll fill out your elements, return it to them and they'll have the referee sign it. 

    -As far as your questions about which day you have to be there, if you don't enter the 50 Breast event on the first day, but request a 50 Breast Split as part of entering and swimming the 100 Breast event on the 2nd day, you won't appear in the results for the 50 Breast event, only for the 100 Breast event. Your 50 Breast time will show up in a separate place entitled something like "50 Breast from split requests."

    -You don't enter both events - you just enter the 100 Breast and your 50 Breast time is recorded from that swim - as noted you're not actually swimming in the 50 Breast event and don't receive a placing, award, etc., in that event.

    Maybe someoen from NE can chime in on exactly how split forms are obtained and processed at that meet...as I say that piece does vary by meet and by LMSC practice.

    Mike Abegg, Chair, Officials Committee

  • Thanks for the reply!  I actually had the same question, but am probably going to be doing a different meet where I can attend.  In USA Swimming, one must complete the full event legally in order to have teh split count.  Specifically, I'm looking to get a time in the 100 Fly.  But there is just no way on Earth I could swim well enough to reach my goal, and then swim another 100 legally.  Is there a way to request a split before hand, and be sure it is good so that you don't run into being unable to complete the full distance legally?

  • From the meet information for the upcoming 2023 New England LMSC SCY Championships:

    SPLIT REQUESTS: Official split requests for individual events must be submitted using the Split Notification Form. Per USMS rules, for individual events other than backstroke you must notify the meet referee of your intent to record an initial split time before the meet is over; for backstroke events you must notify the referee before swimming that event. If possible, please submit all initial split requests (including for backstroke events) before the event is swum.

    All relay leadoff splits (50y split in 200y relays, 100y split in 400y relays, 200y split in 800y relays) will be recorded as automatic official splits.

    However, the initial splits within each relay leadoff leg (50y split in 400y relays, 50y and 100y splits in 800y relays) will not be automatically recorded, and therefore require submission of a split request form and referee notification as described above to be considered an official time.

  • Initial splits for individual events or leadoff (not initial) splits for relay events that are identified in the meet announcement as being recorded as automatic official splits do not require a split notification form. But if they are not specifically identified as such in the meet announcement, then you must submit a split notification form and it must be signed by the referee to be considered a valid official time. For the exact rules, see the USMS Rule Book articles 103.18.1 and 103.18.2.