Dixie Zone Name Change

This forum is reserved for the discussion of a possible name change for the Dixie Zone. Given the current environment in our country; it has been suggested that the name "Dixie" is out dated and inappropriate for these times. A proposal has been put forth by one of the Dixie Zone LMSC's calling for a discussion about changing the Zone name. This issue has been escalated to the USMS Diversity Committee for review. Many of you have probably received the email from USMS President Peter Guadagni stating: The question the Board and eventually LMSC Development Committee and the House of Delegates will consider is whether the name ‘Dixieâ€Tm creates a barrier and prevents USMS from being the type of inclusive community we seek to be. We, as a zone should get in front of this discussion and be a part of it. Please use this forum to indicate your preferences: 1) Should the name "Dixie Zone" be changed? 2) Possible alternative names the Zone? Ed Saltzman Dixie Zone Chair
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