How to Request a Club Change

A USMS staff member is required to make changes outside of the registration/renewal period. Please answer the following questions and email it to: 

  1. What is your permanent USMS ID number:
  2. What is the full name of the Club:
  3. What is the club abbreviation: 
  4. What is the full name of the workout group (if applicable):
  5. Have you competed in any swim events in the past 60 days?


  • Per the USMS Rule Book (3.5), if you have completed in an event. You will not be eligible for a transfer until waiting 60 days from the date of last competition.
  • If unsure of your swimmer ID. You can find it in the “Membership Information” tab via your MyUSMS.
  • Please do not list the location of the club/pool vs the name of the club.
  • If you need help finding the name of the club, you can search for it on Club Finder via your zip code.


Pacific LMSC members, or anyone trying to transfer to a Pacific Club/Workout Group: 

You will need to fill out a club transfer form (PDF link below), and email the Pacific LMSC Membership Coordinator, Chris Ottati at


Thank you, 


Sarah Johnson
Coordinator, Membership & Club Services
U.S. Masters Swimming | 941-256-8767
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