Zone 2 swimming per Dr Peter Attia

Has anyone started reading his book "Outlive"?  After surviving Stage 4 throat cancer I decided it was high time to change my life.  I lost 35 pounds, got back in the water, competed at Y Nationals in April and really enjoyed myself.  I have trained myself for the last 10 months or so with some Form goggles (they seem to brag they are for swimmers but in reality they adore triathletes) but I love the goggles nonetheless.

One cool feature is the ability to see my heart rate while swimming.  I swam for :55 today for a total of 3300yds at or near the lower zone 3 heart zone, about 15 minutes in zone 4 and back to high zone 2 in the heart rate zone.  

Zone 2 according to Attia is different.  Zone 2 is defined as the highest metabolic output/work that you can sustain while keeping your lactate level below two millimole per liter.  I haven't purchased a lactate meter yet but I am wondering if any other masters swimmers are incorporating this into their swimming and have figured it out for themselves without the meter.  I'm 51 so my max heartrate is 169 and 75% of that rate is 127 (rounded up).  I stayed near this lower rate all workout except for the accidental jump to 148 or so while doing 2 sets of 4x50s at a "strong" pace.  This was around 30-35 secs for the 50y.  

I'm so curious if there are others that are into this new discovery because after today's workout I felt freaking incredible.  I was not my usual tired and worn out self after training in the zone 4 -5 heartrate zone all damn workout 3-4 times a week.

I'm looking forward to increasing endurance and longevity for the rest of my life.  I'd love to trade notes with anyone trying to figure this out.


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