Alright, who is using the Magic5 goggles?

Wondering how many people here have tried those. I contributed to their kickstart campaign. Was going to get some for my daughters, but they never would actually do the face scan, so I lost that investment. Eventually decided to get some for myself. Initially loved them. Bought two pair, a clear (well, blue) one, and a lightly tinted one. Got a 3rd dark pair for outdoor swimming in the middle of the day. That pair never worked as well. At any rate, at this point, none of them work particularly well. They leak, and they make my eye sockets sore. All of them. I kind of joke to myself that they were indeed magic, for about 5 weeks. So I'm back to vanquishers. Wondering if anyone else had similar or better or worse experiences.
  • Just saw this topic. I really, really like my Magic 5 goggles and have about 4 different colors for indoor /outside swimming. I've also given several gift-cards as gifts. The very first pair I received was less comfortable than I imagined and on my first dive off the blocks in a meet, the band separated from the goggles. The company is VERY responsive to their customer's needs and will do anything, even refund 100% and keep the goggles if they just don't work for you. My friend felt guilty about that, but I assured them the company wants a good experience for everybody.

    Yes, anti fog never lasts too long, especially with the time I spend in the pool. I just keep a travel bottle of baby shampoo for my pre-swim routine.

    Two very important additions they do for me (ask for this):

    1. Have them put extra foam padding around the eye sockets, much more comfortable. 

    2. Add extra adhesive at the band attachment. I've swam many events since my first pair and have had zero problems with my block starts..

  • Similar experience. Not worth it. Plus they hurt my brow bones! 

  • I use them and love them. Worth every penny. Comfortable, don't leak, and stay on after a block start. Best goggles I have owned. I'm 55 and swim competition (try!). Thanks.

  • I got mine a week ago.  They are very nice and comfortable.   They go in the rotation.    If they do not fit call them because the scan may have not been accurate.   Customization via machine learning is still subject to imprecision.   Mine fit perfectly when I got them and I have no issues.   All goggles eventually fog.   

  • Unfortunately we were unable to get it right for my goggles. I did two scans/2 orders. The main problem was pressure on the top of my eyes. It was very uncomfortable. I offered to work with them for a third try but we both decided a full refund was in order. Hopefully they'll get this technology down right soon.

  • I had the EXACT same experience with Magic5.  Can't figure out what changed between the time when I first started using them and 5-6 weeks later.  Mostly back to my minimalist Swedish goggles.

  • I got mine a few days ago. They leak occasionally and aren’t a great  fit. So I’ll have to send back for a rescan. It’s kind of disappointing that I have to go thru the extra troubles. My teammates speak very highly of the product but it’s too bad that I had a bad experience with them. 

  • definitely didn't work for me from the beginning.  i waited too long to send back.  definitely not worth all that money!

  • I love them. Very comfortable and for me they never leak. Fog up occasionally but that really is dependent on the air/water temp and usually goes away after a set.

  • I've tried them a lot and really liked them. They look great too. Having used about every goggle under the sun [nothing will ever replace my Swedes ;)] I was a bit skeptical about them having gotten targeted ads for the goggles on Instagram and Facebook.

    However, after reading the review of TheMagic5 swim goggles on YourSwimBook I gave them a try. A lane-mate had tried them twice but couldn't get the fit to... fit. 


    The pros of the goggles are that they don't have to be worn so tight (no headaches and reduced raccoon eyes), the diamond-shaped lens look pretty badass, lots of color/tint options, and once you get over the fact that they don't have to be worn so tightly, they are really comfortable. Customer service, as mentioned in other comments in this thread, was also on point. 

    The cons: Takes a while to get them, and I wouldn't trust them to not fall off when diving into the water as they aren't designed to be worn tightly. As a result, I stick with my Swedes or Arena Cobras for swim meets.

    But they are a fantastic daily driver swim goggle for training.