New to open water

Just signed up for my first open water event (5K) and wondering if anyone has tips on what to focus on while training in an indoor pool! I have about 5 months until the race but I'm in Chicago so it will be a while until I can train in the lake. I've heard higher stroke count and more pull sets but would appreciate any other advice of how to best structure my sets until I can get in the lake! 

  • I read through the whole thread and didn’t see that anyone mentioned hydrating and/or feeding. In a 5k you may not need to feed. But you should certainly be hydrating. Find out from the organizers what the rules are for your hydration/feed evolutions. If you will have a personal kayak escort, you may want to practice it a few times prior to the event. Good luck.


    • I have not done a 5k but I did a 3k and it was August and hot. I would fill a large stainless steel container halfway w ice then use coconut water. Take a few large swigs before you go in and all of it when you get out. June should not be too hot but the effort can really dehydrate you!

    Good luck

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