68 year old Newbie not good enough of masters team

I am a 68 year old newbie swimmer . Yes I wrote 68 years old that was not a typo.

For the moment I swim about 1,000 meters a workout freestyle but predominantly with stubby fins . I feel I am not qualified to swim with a masters group and might even detract from the workout .

My goal is to swim as a competitor at the age of 70 and not to really suck but I am enjoying the process .

I have no coach and seek some advice on how best to improve and get some guidance . I am now moving to the Hudson Valley in New York but would consider traveling for a "swim camp" anywhere that might help me .

I thank all of you for being kind !

  • We are so excited to have you as a part of our community. As others have said, if there is a USMS club in your area then talk to the coach. If there isn't, you can always use this digital community as a place to post questions or videos and get some feedback. Can't wait to see your progress over the next couple of years to your first meet. 

  • Good Point I prefer to train along since the nearest masters team is 10 miles away and the other one that has more seniors is 22 miles away. Tucson has a great lap swim program that has several hour slots most the time.

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