IT Band syndrome

Hi all

I am 46 and swim regularly (3 days a week). About a couple of months ago I started noticing pain on the outside of my knee on my dolphin kicks. Eventually I started feeling the pain when pushing from the walls, going up on stairs, and also when kicking breastroke. At that point I went to a physio as I was pretty worried. He said that it was my IT band and recommended strengthening exercises on my glutes, foam roiling and IT band stretches.  Its been 2 months since that, I've been doing all the stretches, foam rolling, took a full week off from the pool and eased my way back into workouts after the break, doing more pulling, no dolphin kicks until I felt like it was time to give it a go again. I felt ok when pushing of the walls yesterday but the pain is still there when kicking breastroke and also when I go full range of motion when snapping my knee for the dolphin kicks.

Has anyone gone through some similar? I live in Canada and to see a knee specialist may take some time. I am looking for some advice as I feel this is not progressing well. I have been seeing my physio regularly and he has noticed that I gotten better outside of the pool (stairs are ok now) but somehow I haven't been able to do dolphin or breastroke kicking and being a breastroker/IMer it sucks that I can't really work on those strokes. My goal was to go to Nationals in April, but given the last couple is not looking promising. 



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