US Masters 2023 Open Water Nationals is being held on Rosh Hashanah, does this bother anyone?

The US Masters 2023 Open Water Nationals is being held on Rosh Hashanah, does this bother anyone?

  • This isn't just any random holiday.  This happens to be one of the most important holiday's of all.  I don't care how many holidays there are across all religions, it needs to be considered and adjusted, PERIOD.  What kind of an insensitive comment to say "If you can't make it, don't come.  Between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism there are two dozen holidays.  Counting virtual swims, there are 13 annual National Championships.  Plenty of opportunities."  Just because you do not care, does not mean it is okay for everyone to not care.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I have worked as an emergency physician for 30 years.  As a Christian, I am required to work my Sabbath probably 2/3 of the time.  Should I insist my partners work for me despite the unfairness of the request. Perhaps I should insist the hospital close to accommodate me.  Maybe I could convince people to stop getting sick on Sunday? You and your ilk are self-centered narcissists. Save your outrage; if USMS decided to have nationals on Christmas day, I would be requesting that day off 6 months in advance and selling the advantages of Christmas in Greensboro to the family.

  • Thank you for all your service and dedication.  There is a difference between business and pleasure.  You chose to be a physician and make sacrifices to help those in need.  This is different.  More consideration should be exercised in the decision making in this circumstance.

  • Agree to some extent.  Is USMS business or pleasure or is it situational? For Mark Moore, USMS is a business (I would say his very livelihood) and the lake he's running the event in, is a private lake.  Is it possible those dates are the only dates he could get permission to use it?  Of course, open water season is only essentially June to mid-September. Between age group, international, pro, and masters meets (not to mention a plethora of diving competitions), Mission Viejo is a very, very busy place.

    I would also say that perhaps the time for dissent was a year ago when it was announced rather than a month before the event.

  • I agree for Mark it is a business.  For me, it is pleasure.  I also agree that the schedule is packed full of events and this issue should have been raised a year ago.  It is unfortunate that no one had the foresight to have a calendar in front of them to have realized the possible conflict.  The only place I disagree with you is the season issue.  USMS changes the calendar of the season if and when they need to.  I realize the changes have been few and far between.  Finally, I'm glad people or groups are still submitting bids for championship events

  • Our DEI committee is very aware of all religious holidays and has submitted a calendar to the Board every year for acknowledgement.  Although I am in agreement that this is not a malicious attempt it is however poor planning and an apology statement is in order. I will bring this up to our committee at next meeting. Thank you all for your service and please be more mindful in your responses with this community feed. As mentioned we are an all inclusive organization and with that comes the responsibility of all of our members to be respectful to all members. 

    In gratitude ,

    Leann Rossi


    USMS Diversity and Inclusion Commitee Member

  • Just as we came to a detente and were about to join hands and sing folk songs together, predictably, the DEI committee weighs in 10 days late and 10 dollars short.  Are you here to a) take accountability for the scheduling mistake b) virtue signal or c) give me the play nice in the sandbox speech?

  • See my comments below. USMS is not an inclusive organization, this was demonstrated here. I am happy to share correspondence but we all know it won't change anything. 

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